A Garden for Everyone – Fresh Air, Visual appeal and Therapeutic Value

Garden for everyone

Plant lovers and aesthetics conscious people often have small plants in pots indoors by their windows or on their center tables in the living room. Having indoor plants can have a lot of benefits, apart from adding beauty to the room decor. Indoor plants have positive impact on our health of human beings. Planting indoors is no rocket science. Tulsi & Jware (grains for offerings Continue reading

8 Vegetables to Grow in Your Organic Terrace Garden


With the congestion of city life, vegetable gardens for apartment dwellers seems to be a difficult prospect. However the concept of Organic Terrace Garden  is gaining ground everywhere, as more apartment dwellers want their own home-grown vegetables. With proper research, you can grow fresh vegetables in your high-rise building. We have found these following vegetables that you can grow in your terrace garden. Take a Continue reading