Frequently Asked Questions On Terrace Gardening Methods

Organic terrace gardening

Nothing can match the delight of a gardener when he or she notices that first green leaf on the seed he/she had sown a few weeks before. However, the concept of gardening is almost alien to the urban city dwellers in India if they are not fans of the green. But the people who long for a potted plant on their window sill or their Continue reading

Winter Garden, it’s Challenges and Overcoming Them!

winter garden

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.” – Janet Kilburn Phillips      “The perfect garden!”- Maintaining a green spot in the garden is like a jigsaw puzzle, one needs to have a good understanding that every weather is friendly to some crops and hostile to few others. With a sowing and harvesting calendar in place, you will be able to solve this puzzle easily. This planning Continue reading

8 Vegetables to Grow in Your Organic Terrace Garden


With the congestion of city life, vegetable gardens for apartment dwellers seems to be a difficult prospect. However the concept of Organic Terrace Garden  is gaining ground everywhere, as more apartment dwellers want their own home-grown vegetables. With proper research, you can grow fresh vegetables in your high-rise building. We have found these following vegetables that you can grow in your terrace garden. Take a Continue reading