Introducing the First Organic State of India – Sikkim

Organic state Sikkim

More and more people are switching to organic food these days to get rid of chemicals from their diet. With organic cultivation growing rapidly, people are taking advantage of this new kind of farming to improve their lifestyle. One of the recent accomplishments, however, is Sikkim becoming a complete organic state. Despite being a totally landlocked state, it has achieved something many other developed states Continue reading

Say Hello to “Zero Budget Natural Farming” with Subash Palekar

Subash Palekar

At the age of 66, he is popularly known as “Krishi Ka Rishi” among farmers in various parts of India. He has been awared with the Padmashree Award by the government – a feat he does not feel elated about, but which makes him happy because he has been able to contribute to the farming community. His innovation can be considered nothing short of groundbreaking. Continue reading