A Garden for Everyone – Fresh Air, Visual appeal and Therapeutic Value

Garden for everyone

Plant lovers and aesthetics conscious people often have small plants in pots indoors by their windows or on their center tables in the living room. Having indoor plants can have a lot of benefits, apart from adding beauty to the room decor. Indoor plants have positive impact on our health of human beings. Planting indoors is no rocket science. Tulsi & Jware (grains for offerings Continue reading

Grow Your Own Lemon Indoor

Grow your own lemon indoor

Growing your own lemon indoors has its added advantage. Think about the storm that you can cook up at the kitchen with the freshly plucked lemon. Needless to say that the home grown lemon has much more zing to it than those purchased off the shelves. Besides a lemon tree bearing fruits does wonders to liven up the dull space inside your room. Though it Continue reading