Identifying Garden Pest and its Pest Control methods (Part I)

“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.” -Steve Jobs Let’s identify the commonest pests in the kitchen gardens, their damaging symptoms and how to protect the plants and their produce with the easiest methods possible.  Top 3 pests and remedies to control/avoid them; Leaf miners: As the name suggests are inside the leaves and are wobbly-lined from outside. this pest’s damage Continue reading

What’s the benefit of attracting ladybugs to your garden?

I’ve seen many people complain that their plants like ridge gourd, pumpkin, and bitter gourd bear no fruits, in spite of good flowering. One of the main reasons for the plants not bearing any fruit is that pollination is not happening effectively after flowering. Since these plants bear female and male flowers, it requires external aid for pollination process i.e., picking the pollens and smearing Continue reading