6 Gardening Hacks To Prevent Excess Evaporation In Summer

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Sun, Sun! Go Away! I wish the moisture to stay My plants are drying The flowers are crying Can you stop heating for a while? The question that keeps on bothering us in such times is how to keep our plants cool in spite of the temperature extremes? How? How? How? The guilt grows when you watch your beloved plants drying up miserably. These are Continue reading

How Organic Fertilizers Help The Soil?

Organic Fertilizer

Soil is one of the most important factors deciding the quality of our plants. The type of fertilizer we use can have a profound effect on the soil quality. While chemical fertilizers may show immediate effect, they can cause permanent damage to the soil. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand are made using natural products, thus improving soil quality in the safest manner. Here are Continue reading