Indoor Plants to Improve Air Quality

Air purifying Indoor Plants

Did you know that certain plants are also powerful filters that purify the air around us? In fact, several studies have been conducted showing that some of these Indoor plants can rid a room of up to 89 percent of harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and xylene. If you think about the prices of some of those fancy air filtration systems out there, it’s a bit surprising that more of us don’t just purchase Continue reading

Natural methods for Controlling Mosquitoes

While summer’s warm days and long nights afford us ample time to enjoy the great outdoors, summer is also prime time for mosquitoes that can  ruin our outdoor enjoyment. Perusing the bug-repellent from your grocery store or pharmacy, you’ll find a swarm of mosquito-control products based on the chemical DEET. But before you spray yourself, your family and in your garden with these products, consider Continue reading

6 important household practices you should change to detox your home and keep your family healthy

detox your home

Are you on a household detoxification spree? Good, and well, that’s the first step you must be taking in order to lead an organic life yourself. Also, I’m pretty sure you’ve been stuck somewhere thinking where to start from. So, to begin with, there are some important facts you should know and some practices you must change for a complete home detox. Read on to Continue reading