Present a Beautiful Garden to Your Guests This New year

A beautiful organic garden is something that everyone desires for, the colours, diversity, fragrance and flavours of flowers and plants offer a fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere at home. A garden can also be used as a space for a garden party where one can entertain guests and showcase the blooming flowers and herbs. However, before opting to start a party in a garden, ensure that Continue reading

6 important household practices you should change to detox your home and keep your family healthy

detox your home

Are you on a household detoxification spree? Good, and well, that’s the first step you must be taking in order to lead an organic life yourself. Also, I’m pretty sure you’ve been stuck somewhere thinking where to start from. So, to begin with, there are some important facts you should know and some practices you must change for a complete home detox. Read on to Continue reading