Identifying Garden Pest and its Pest Control methods (Part I)

“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.” -Steve Jobs Let’s identify the commonest pests in the kitchen gardens, their damaging symptoms and how to protect the plants and their produce with the easiest methods possible.  Top 3 pests and remedies to control/avoid them; Leaf miners: As the name suggests are inside the leaves and are wobbly-lined from outside. this pest’s damage Continue reading

Present a Beautiful Garden to Your Guests This New year

A beautiful organic garden is something that everyone desires for, the colours, diversity, fragrance and flavours of flowers and plants offer a fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere at home. A garden can also be used as a space for a garden party where one can entertain guests and showcase the blooming flowers and herbs. However, before opting to start a party in a garden, ensure that Continue reading

Herbs in a Kitchen Garden are Healthy addition and Easy to grow.

Herbs make a Kitchen Garden complete as these are valued the most for their culinary, medicinal and aromatic purposes. Herbs are often appropriately termed as “World’s Healthiest Foods” since they are the rich sources of healthy nutrients in our diet. They are packed with unique vitamins, anti-oxidants, essential oils, phytosterols, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substances that boost our immunity against infections and diseases. The Indian backyards Continue reading