My Plants are turning Yellow ?

Bottle Gourd

I gave big makeover to my terrace garden by planting lot more vegetables. I was thrilled to see both bottle guard and beans coming up so well. And ofcourse I have been very careful to feed water, pest control and nutrients and was happy to see little bottle guards growing by the day. One of the most frustrating thing in gardening/farming, when you work so Continue reading

6 Tips to Create an Amazing Organic Terrace Garden

Terrace gardening tips

Are you simply in love with organic vegetables and rummage the market for organic produce? Well, you can always raise your own organic garden on your balcony or terrace. It is therapeutic, rewarding and quite cost effective but requires a bit of imagination and maintenance. you will have to take care of some basic things before you start gardening like opting for a suitable space Continue reading

An All in One Maintenance Kit for a Healthy & Pest free Garden.

Garden maintenance kit

Do you have a small garden, either out of passion or profession? If yes, you also care for its wellbeing. While one tends and cares for their garden they may come across a few pests. Pests can cause harm to the plants flowers and its produce which is why it is important to keep them at bay. Pesticide may seem as a quick fix option Continue reading