Grow Your Own Lemon Indoor

Grow your own lemon indoor

Growing your own lemon indoors has its added advantage. Think about the storm that you can cook up at the kitchen with the freshly plucked lemon. Needless to say that the home grown lemon has much more zing to it than those purchased off the shelves. Besides a lemon tree bearing fruits does wonders to liven up the dull space inside your room. Though it Continue reading

What is Bok Choy Good for ?

Cultivated in China for centuries, bok choy has played a large part not only in its cuisine, but in traditional Chinese medicine. Today, it’s a staple in both Asian and American recipes. A deep green leafy vegetable that resembles Romaine lettuce on top and a large celery on the bottom, bok choy is a crucifer more closely related to cabbage. The entire vegetable can be Continue reading

Natural methods for Controlling Mosquitoes

While summer’s warm days and long nights afford us ample time to enjoy the great outdoors, summer is also prime time for mosquitoes that can  ruin our outdoor enjoyment. Perusing the bug-repellent from your grocery store or pharmacy, you’ll find a swarm of mosquito-control products based on the chemical DEET. But before you spray yourself, your family and in your garden with these products, consider Continue reading