How Organic Fertilizers Help The Soil?

Organic Fertilizer

Soil is one of the most important factors deciding the quality of our plants. The type of fertilizer we use can have a profound effect on the soil quality. While chemical fertilizers may show immediate effect, they can cause permanent damage to the soil. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand are made using natural products, thus improving soil quality in the safest manner. Here are Continue reading

Secrets To A Beautiful Organic Garden

Terrace Garden

Starting and maintaining an organic garden is not very different from starting a regular garden. Using some common tools and with the help of the right knowledge, you can experience the beauty of Mother Nature in your own backyard. Read these tips by TheOrganic.Life-the best online store for organic gardening products to learn the secrets of a beautiful organic garden. Getting Started To get started, Continue reading

Common Pests & Disease Problems with Tomato Gardening

Plant Diseases Blossom End Rot :If you see the tomato fruit developing a dark spot at the lower end and  a spot that gradually widens and deepens, you’re looking at blossom-end rot. It is a problem most often caused by uneven watering or by calcium deficiency and can be related as well, uneven watering can interfere with the uptake of calcium. The simplest treatment is therefore pre-treatment: make sure Continue reading