How to grow Carrot

grow carrot

The crunchy powerhouse of nutrition, carrot is a very easy vegetable to grow in your home garden. Growing carrots in containers might sound weird to many but it is definitely possible if you have large sized pots and manure rich soil. Though there are several coloured carrots available worldwide, the long orange coloured one is mostly available and used in India. Season: Carrot is a cool Continue reading

How to grow Cherry Tomato


Tomatoes are everybody’s favorite. They make excellent salad veggies and form the main base for many gravies and curries not to forget chutnies. Cherry tomatoes especially are succulent, sweet and easy to grow too. If you are an amateur gardener, cherry tomato is the best way to begin gardening. Simple, healthy and juicy tomatoes make your home garden colourful. Season: Cherry tomato plant grows all-round the Continue reading