Why do tennis players eat banana during match? Must read!

tennis players eat banana

If you’re a fan of tennis, I bet, you’ve seen the big names in tennis, such as Rafael Nadal, Sharapova, and Andy Murray eat banana often in the center court. At first, I had hardly ever noticed that they took anything other than some energy sports drinks. But, regularly following their matches, I came to know that they have been eating bananas, every single time Continue reading

Do you refreeze melted ice cream? Check out why you should never do it again!

There have been many occasions when the ice creams stored in your refrigerator melts during power cuts. And, once the power restores, the ice cream refreezes. I bet, you’ve eaten the refrozen ice cream, and said, “it didn’t taste good.” Even the texture and composition of the ‘once-a-lip-smacking-delicacy’  seem to be a lot different. Food scientists have conducted many researches based on refrozen ice creams, Continue reading